February 2012

Wilds Cats Fun Facts

Anything You Have Been Dying to Know?

Wild cats are superior animals that are close to the top of the food chain.  People and animals alike fear them because of their large, lean build and wild instincts.  There is so much more to these cats than being scary and hungry.  Below, I have listed some fun facts about wild cats so you can expand your horizons or maybe learn something you never thought you would know.  Enjoy!

  • There are 37 species of wild cats in the world.  While most prefer warm climates, some, such as the snow leopard, prefer the cold.
  • The Amur Tiger is the largest cat in the world.  It can grow up to 13 feet long.  
  • Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world.
  • Cats have pupils that expand, which allows them to see clearly in the dark.
  • The only cats that roar are the lion, tiger, jaguar and leopard.
  • Lions survive for approximately 15 years in their natural habitat.
  • Jaguars have the most powerful teeth of all wild cats.
  • Although tigers are an endangered species, approximately 400 of them are killed each year.
  • Zoos and sanctuaries are extremely helpful in preserving big cats and their species.
  • A group or family of lions is called a "pride"

Wild Cats as Pets

The Truth about Raising Wild Cats

According to National Geographic, there are approximately 15,000 wild cats being kept as pets across America. There are probably more wild cats being kept as pets in America than there are in the Asian jungles.  That is quite a frightening fact.  All different classes own them, ranging from the wealthy to those with low incomes.  Some parents even go as far as to buy them as gifts for their teenagers.  People think of them as a status symbol, rather than a pet that is going to need extra care, which is going to cost a lot more money than an average pet.