December 2011

What You Need to Know About Cross-Breeding Wild Cats with Domestics

Many lovers of exotic animals have found cross-breeding wild cats with domestic cats to be a God send.  They get the beautiful and unique look of a wild cat with the friendly and loving personality of a domestic cat.  Many owners of these cross breeds say that the cats are like dogs and make for excellent companions.

The most common and in-demand type of cross breed is the Savannah Cat.  This cat is a result of mating an African Serval Cat with a domestic cat.  Breeding these animals is tough because of size challenges.  The Serval cat is very long and lean, while the domestic cats are much smaller.  The first Savannah cat was bred in the 1980's by Judy Frank in Pennsylvania.  There is still much to be learned about the cats, but according to HDW Enterprises, the cats are alert,  loving, dependable, talkative, playful and curious.