The Legend of the Black Panther

The Legend of the Black Panther

Panthers Across America

The Black Panther is a beautiful cat, which is also very dangerous.  Over the years, there have been many black Panther sightings across the country, with very few actually confirmed.  Below, I have shared a few from across the country, which I found to be of particular interest to myself.

Back in 2009, there were several sightings in Pallisades, NJ.  In the first instance, a woman reported seeing two in her yard.  At first, she did not believe her eyes, but then confirmed her sighting with binoculars.  She was sure of what she was seeing, so she called police, who did not believe her claim.  A couple of days later, her neighbor reported seeing something similar, and the police did not take her claim too seriously either.  Aside from these two sightings, there were several others in the area that were similar.  It is believed that the large cats may have originated in Alpine, New Jersey where residents are wealthy and more likely to have exotic cats as pets. 

In 2009, in Neosho, Missouri, there was a confirmed panther sighting.  The panther was killed by police when they arrived.  It began when a woman called 9-1-1 to report a panther trying to force its way into her house.  Police went to her home, not expecting to meet trouble.  When they arrived, they in fact found a panther and had to kill it.  The police officer said that adrenaline took over when he saw the cat and was forced to shoot it twice in order to keep him and the woman who reported the big cat safe.  After examination, they found that the cat was tiny, only 3 feet tall and weighing in at 60 pounds. It was determined to be a cub, which had not quite reached maturity yet.  It had also been de-clawed, and was therefore, most likely somebody's pet.

More recently, in November of 2010, a large cat was reported in La Quinta, CA, which is golf resort in the Riverside Mountains.  A woman called the sheriff and reported a large, panther sized cat on a neighbor's roof.  The sheriff believed her, because the community is known to have a significant mountain lion population.  There was also a similar sighting earlier in the week, which was confirmed.  The California Gaming Commission was called in to investigate the situation. 

As we can see, Panther sightings are not happening everyday, but they do occur across the country, in places where they are known to live and those that they are very unlikely to live, such as New Jersey. 

Do you have any panther sightings to share?