Mountain Lion Frightened by Dog

Mountain Lion Frightened by Dog

One Timid Big Kitty

Last week in Los Altos, California, a Mountain Lion was chased up a tree by a German Shepard.  Earlier in the day, a man in the neighborhood saw the cat and warned neighbors to be careful.  Little did he know that this one was not much of a threat.  It is believed that it was roaming around looking for food when it was frightened and chased 40 feet up a tree by an 85 pound German Shepard.  The California Fishing and Game Control came to the scene, but decided to leave the Mountain Lion alone.  It finally came down on its own a few hours later.

Mountain Lion spottings are becoming more and more common in this part of California.  Just last month, Mountain Lions were blamed for the death of two pet goats in the area.  The sightings have been making residents nervous, as you never know what to expect or what to do if you are approached by one of these large, intimidating cats.  This recent incident has residents worked up even though a biologist who monitored the animal said that he was not a threat to anyone or anyone's pets. 

I think that as we continue to build in more areas that were once wooded, we will continue to see more wild cats.  We are basically moving in on their territory and destroying their homes, so we should expect to see them more frequently, especially in the South and the West, which is where a large majority of them live. 

Most Americans have never seen a live, wild cat.  What would you do if you saw one roaming your neighborhood?  Would you be frightened?