Act for the animals

Act for the animals

Use your voice to fight for animal rights.

While there are some sickos out there, I really believe that most of us do care about animals and their safety. Here are a few ways we can each take action for animals this week and help keep them safe.

Ensure the safety of animal habitat

Now that the elections are over, we must make sure that our elected officials make protecting our National Parks a priority. In addition to caring about animals, most Americans also care about these parks—but even more importantly, they provide a home to animals all across the nation. Click here to send a message to President Obama and Congress asking that they make protecting our National Parks a priority.

Help educate about puppy mills

Sheryl Crow has a special place in the heart of St. Louisans around where I live because she is from our area. So when I heard that she had made a PSA against puppy mills, I thought it was brilliant and I wanted to share it with all of my friends. Click here to check out Crow’s new public service announcement and to share it with everyone you know. You can also pledge to end puppy mills and help educate others about their horrors and how important it is to get puppies from rescue shelters instead of breeders.

Speak out for chimps

Chimps are so close to humans that I just don’t understand why people would want to keep them to use for entertainment purposes, which is what James Casey does. Casey is a known animal abuser, yet he is applying for a permit to keep primates to use in his for-profit business. I don’t approve this without the abuse record, let alone with it; why do we continue thinking that because we speak English and wear clothing we have the right to torture and exploit animals for money rather than allow them to live in peace? Click here to read more or to send a message to the town commissioner asking that Casey not be allowed to continue owning and using chimpanzees.

Ask Congress to save the environment

If the past summer told us anything, it’s that weather in the 100s for weeks on end is a dangerous, scary situation. It’s time to address climate change and other environmental concerns, not sacrifice the environment on the altar of the economy as many politicians would do. Click here to ask that our environment—our home as well as the home of the animals—is made a priority.