Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania?

Are you a believer?

Mountain Lions are wild cats, which are also known by the names, Puma, Cougar and Catamount.  Mountain Lions most famously roam Florida,  the Western United States, South America and Canada.  They used to be common throughout the United States; however, the love of hunting in the Eastern United States has caused them to migrate in order to preserve themselves. 

I, myself, believe that Mountain Lions are still somewhat present in Pennsylvania, and probably other states as well.  I live in Pennsylvania and I never would have imagined having a Mountain Lion in town until recently.  I live in a home with woods out in the backyard.  They are thick and I am sure there is wildlife in them.  It is not uncommon to see deer, domestic cats and groundhogs in my yard from time to time.  However, one evening I was in my kitchen cooking and I caught a glimpse of something out back which appeared to be a huge cat.  I never told my husband, because he would for sure think I was crazy.  It looked to large to be a deer and the tail was different from that of a deer.  As soon as I saw it, that was how fast it ran, so I can only speculate that it was  a Mountain Lion or other large cat.  I went on to learn about this topic and did not find much, but I am glad to share what I did find. 

According to the Pocono Mountain Record, there are people who say they have seen them, but there is no concrete evidence, such as photos, videos or carcasses.  For example, a park ranger at a Pennsylvania State Park claims to have had a sighting in the early 1990's.  Hikers have also reported sightings while trekking through the mountains.  On the other hand, the mayor of East Stroudsburg believes that if Mountain Lions were present, there would be reports of attacks like there are out West.  He also said, there would be an increasing population because it is only natural that they would pro-create. 

A group known as a the Eastern Puma Research Network investigates claims into Mountain Lion Sightings on the East Coast.  In 2005, they were called to an Amish Farm, at which the farmer claimed that a Mountain Lion was slaughtering his sheep.  Upon investigation, they found evidence that it was in fact Mountain Lions killing the sheep.  About a week later, the farmer shot the Mountain Lion, which had a Pennsylvania Gaming Commission (PGC) tag on its ear, which made it look as though there was a cover-up at hand, since the PGC denies the existence of Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania. 

So, what do you believe? 



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I think that this is certainly true and that the numbers are probably low. There are alot of wealthy people who will take in large cats as pets, but may have to get rid of them at times leading to some of the numbers. There are then, as you mentioned, cats who have to migrate due to lack of food or being killed off. 


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I believe there are mountain lions in Pennsylvania also. On my way to work one morning one ran out in front of my car and jumped into the woods on the other side of the road.


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Well hears what I have say about Moutain Lion in the northeastern part of the state, first this time last year my uncle spotted an adult crossing I-84 in Pike Co., About 3 monthes ago a friend of mine wittnessed a cougar hit and killed on rt. 315 (the back moutain) near Pittison the Game commisson showed up and told everyone on the scene quote: there's nothing to see here), and just the other night I seen a juvinlle cat about 125lbs outside my home in Lackawanna co. so you draw a conclusion ethier alot of escaped cats or the commission is lying and denying